Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Path

I had a great birthday and birthday week. Though, now I have a little head cold. Here is an entry I wrote over a week ago.

Today is my Hebrew Birthday:
3 Iyyar 5768/ May 8, 2008.
I didn’t realize it was until the end of the day. And today I slept practically all day because it has been a busy week on this earthly plane for me. I am now in the beginning of an important decade as well. In the Torah(1st five books of Bible) many important things happened after 40 years to signify newness/change. For example, Moses spent 40 days on a mountain before bringing down the ten commandments, and the Jewish people spent 40 years in the desert before becoming a Jewish nation to name just a couple.

A DECADE OF NEW LIFE AND NEW BEGINNINGS in the Jewish tradition. And so it begins one for me personally: I moved, got a new manual wheelchair and repairs on my power chair including upholstery(big deal to not look so ragged!) New realizations, A NEW BLOG, a new voice of peace in my heart. I realize now that I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A WRONG PATH! G-D IS GUIDING ME IN THE HOLY ONE’S OWN ENDLESS TIME. I USED TO THINK…If Only…and, What Am I Doing Wrong? And now, I feel freer with a greater trust in G-d.

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