Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More About Me...because I couldn't fit it all in a small space!

I have many roles in life: I am a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, writer, poet, philosopher, counselor, advocate, teacher and a deeply spiritual person. I'm a compassionate person who is passionately dedicated to seeing life as a blessing, living my life with as much gratitude as possible.

I earned a Master's Degree in Social Work from CSU,Long Beach and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from CSU,Northridge. I have advocated successfully for myself and others, counseled people with mental and physical disabilities as well as of chronic mental illness and listened to the wisdom of seniors. Throughout my education I educated students and the community from elementary school through college about the needs of people with disabilities by sharing my personal experiences and knowledge.


Lorelai said...

I would like the world to know officially that Rebecca Portner is one of my favorite people! When I met her at Shul By The Shore (Chabad of Belmont Shore / Long Beach, California) her radiant Neshama just glowed so bright that I had to meet her. Congratulations on your blog and as those great sages Pink Floyd say: "Shine on, you crazy Diamond!" :)

Jessica Portner said...

Hi Becca! Congratulations on starting your blog. I can testify to your courage, strength and wisdom and I pray that all who read your clear and well-written observations about life learn as much as I have from you.
Love, Jess

Marc Lerner said...

Rebecca, this is a great start. Your title opens the door for some profound sharing. Open up and let your heart out. The person that comes to your site wants to hear what you mean by between the lines.
No body knows what you mean and there is no right answer. What you say today may change in a few days, but sharing it creates room for growth. Be courageous and share your heart. For those who know you...that is your gift. Share it, Marc Lerner