Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Path

I had a great birthday and birthday week. Though, now I have a little head cold. Here is an entry I wrote over a week ago.

Today is my Hebrew Birthday:
3 Iyyar 5768/ May 8, 2008.
I didn’t realize it was until the end of the day. And today I slept practically all day because it has been a busy week on this earthly plane for me. I am now in the beginning of an important decade as well. In the Torah(1st five books of Bible) many important things happened after 40 years to signify newness/change. For example, Moses spent 40 days on a mountain before bringing down the ten commandments, and the Jewish people spent 40 years in the desert before becoming a Jewish nation to name just a couple.

A DECADE OF NEW LIFE AND NEW BEGINNINGS in the Jewish tradition. And so it begins one for me personally: I moved, got a new manual wheelchair and repairs on my power chair including upholstery(big deal to not look so ragged!) New realizations, A NEW BLOG, a new voice of peace in my heart. I realize now that I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A WRONG PATH! G-D IS GUIDING ME IN THE HOLY ONE’S OWN ENDLESS TIME. I USED TO THINK…If Only…and, What Am I Doing Wrong? And now, I feel freer with a greater trust in G-d.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Posting, Posting P..oh...sting

Hello Dear Interested Reader :),

It looks like posting about once a week will work best. So keep checking back weekly and pass the word on if you like what you read.:)

More About Me...because I couldn't fit it all in a small space!

I have many roles in life: I am a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, writer, poet, philosopher, counselor, advocate, teacher and a deeply spiritual person. I'm a compassionate person who is passionately dedicated to seeing life as a blessing, living my life with as much gratitude as possible.

I earned a Master's Degree in Social Work from CSU,Long Beach and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from CSU,Northridge. I have advocated successfully for myself and others, counseled people with mental and physical disabilities as well as of chronic mental illness and listened to the wisdom of seniors. Throughout my education I educated students and the community from elementary school through college about the needs of people with disabilities by sharing my personal experiences and knowledge.